38 Years Of Doing It Right!

To me, you are my personal business…

After Dark Graphics has a strong commitment to integrity and professionalism. I take pride in the fact that I operate the old-fashioned way, meaning that promises and commitments are honored, questions are answered, phone-calls and emails are returned promptly, and deadlines are met.


Before any project or design begins, I spend time listening, getting to know you, and understanding your needs. What exactly does your company do? Who is your target audience? What goals are you trying


to meet? What are you trying to create? What type of image would you like to convey – trendy, conservative, cutting edge or traditional? And, what budget do you need to maintain?


Getting to know my clients is a crucial aspect to designing and developing any successful project. The end result should be amazing and meet the client’s needs. So, getting it right is what I do, no matter what it takes!


No client or project is too big or too small. Satisfied clients include large corporations, mid-size companies, small businesses, and individuals. I am committed to meeting each client’s unique needs by offering top-quality services and products at affordable prices..


JD's Cell: 614.561.5294 I eMAIL: I 7373 Christie Chapel Road, Dublin, OH 43017

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"Doing nothing gets you nothing"