A catalog is a publication which businesses use as a way to promote their products and services.


As they comprise all kind of information, catalogs are completely practical. Their first pages generally include a presentation on the company’s main features, including its goals and values, working plan, relationship with customers, quality, technology used, and pictures of the company’s building(s), production system, and personnel.


The most important part of a catalog is dedicated to show the different products and services. Apart from a description of each item and its prices, this piece includes necessary data such as information on contact, address, telephone number, website, e-mail, branches or subsidiaries, methods of ordering, shipping and payment, and opening hours.


Graphic pieces allows different companies to inform their existing and prospective customers about the prices and features of their products in order to encourage their sale. A catalog is a means for companies to present the detailed umbrella of products and services directly to its customers.


A program is a booklet available for patrons attending a live event such as theatre performances, sports events, etc. It is a printed leaflet outlining the parts of the event scheduled to take place, principal performers and background information. In the case of theatrical performances, the term playbill is also used. It may be provided free of charge by the event organizers or a charge may be levied.


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